Spybubble Free? Get The Truth…

August 3rd, 2012

Spybubble Free: The Truth About Spybubble And Spybubble Free!

Spybubble Free May Do THIS

This Is Just What You’re Looking For! INSIDER TRUTH Revealed Concerning Spybubble Free That The Software Pirates Don’t Want You To Know.

  • Is There A Legitimate Spybubble Free Demo Or Trial?
  • Is Cell Phone Spying Legal?
  • Is Downloading Spybubble Free From A File Sharing Site Safe?
  • Is Spybubble Really The Best Spy Software?
  • Here Is Why You Should Avoid Spybubbe For Free? Here’s The Truth Revealed In This Spybubble Free Report!

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NOTICE: Spy Bubble no longer exists as cell phone spy software.  It is now only a cell phone monitoring tool and WILL notify the user that it is present on their phone.  The software is still great for monitoring company cell phones, and your kids phones…but if you are looking for software that is does not notify the user it is present on their phones then Spy Bubble is NOT for you.

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WARNING: Have You Heard About PPI And Spybubble Free

The fact is, a lot of the Spybubble Free offers from file sharing sites are really just empty shells that install mal-ware on your computer when you try to open them.

The game is played this way. Vendors will pay for every computer that their spyware is installed on so unscrupulous hackers will offer Spy Bubble and when you try to install the file you download, you end up with spyware on your computer and they get paid.

Spybubble or A Private Eye?

Definately the private eye works best because Spy Bubble is no longer available as Spy Software.  But you may want to try M Spy.

Trying To Download Spybubble Free Taught Me A Few Things?

PLEASE NOTICE: Spy Bubble no longer is available as cell phone spy software.  It now notifies the cell phone user that it is active on their phone and is intended as cell phone monitoring software only!

STUPID!  Stupid, stupid, stupid!  That is all I have to say!  Why I thought I could nail a cheater by cheating is something I’ll never figure out, but the sad fact is, I actually tried it.  When I ran across ads for Spybubble, I thought, That’s exactly what I need! So what did I do? Searched online for Spybubble free.

Ya! I yelled, when I found Spybubble free and I immediately clicked over to the Spybubble free offer. Wow! the antivirus app installed on my PC started sounding like a Geiger Counter at Chernobyl.  Virus alerts, phishing alerts and “DO NOT PROCEED” warnings flashed and beeped across my screen—funny, but up until then I had barely noticed my antivirus software.

Did I quit? No! I continued trying to find Spybubble free—can we say, “cheap.”  When I did run across a site that said, “spybubble free download,” and it didn’t set off the Chernobyl alarms I was thrilled.  Soon, however, I found out that I had to buy a membership in their file-sharing site or suffer hours and hours waiting for my download which, by the way, was not even guaranteed to be Spybubble free.

OK, at this point it dawned on me, Hey, if I could get a private detective for $300 that would get at the truth, I’d do it in a second so why not just buy a legit copy of Spybubble for less than $50? That is what I did: PROBLEM SOLVED!  Inside 48 hours I had the truth and she still can’t figure out how I found out.

I liked this app so much, I created this website and got permission from Spybubble to offer this application for less than $50.

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“BTW, Spybubble will work for you or you get a full refund. It solves most problems in less than a day after you install it. Just think of what a private detective would do to catch a cheat…Spybubble does most of these and more. Spybubble free is not a good idea but Spybubble for $49.95…IS!”

What Is Going On Right Now?

spybubble freeYou don’t need more trouble, you just need answers.  Trying to download Spybubble free will just add to your burdens.  A legitimate download on Spybubble, on the other hand, will start you on the path to peace of mind.  It will answer a lot of your questions.

What  is your employee or child doing at this moment?  If it is important to know then you should know it. What is it worth to you to know exactly where they are and what they are doing or where they’re really going when they give you that lame excuse?

What price would you pay to protect yourself and your family?  What will your lose be because of a dishonest employee, or a child that is getting into trouble using their cell phone?  These are just a few of the real and important reasons to use Spybubble free of risk.

SpyBubble Free? No, but “peace of mind,” yes!

As you can see, Spybubble doesn’t need to be hyped because it does just what it says it will do on the box.  It will bring you the truth by allowing you to know everything that is going on with a target cell phone and it will notify your employee or child that they are being monitored.

Spybubble comes with a standard 60 day money back guarantee that is honored regardless of your reasons for returning it, although few people ever do.  Still this protects you in case the software doesn’t turn out to be something you can use.

No matter what you decide to do about your decision I do hope everything turns out well for you, your family and your business interests. To get the special discount, click the link below.

Spy Bubble will help if you have employee’s or kids that basically want to do what is right.  It will NOT work for people who are purposely trying to deceive you and you should not rely on it for a false sense of security in those cases since it will be pretty easy for someone to work get past a cell phone they know is being monitored.

If you do not want them to know they are being monitored try M Spy


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spybubble free

Top Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

November 29th, 2012

A Spouse Cheating On You May Tell

is your spouse cheating on youEveryone gives away their secrets if you no how to read the signs.  The greatest poker players are masters at this and by reading their opponents body language. They can decipher this body language and the secrets the give away.

These signs are called ‘tells’ because they tell the truth to those who know what they are looking for.  When your spouse is cheating on you he or she will also have ‘tells’ that will give them away if you know what to look  for.

Use These tells to get the truth

You may just be paranoid especially if you have had a history of being paranoid about your spouse cheating on you in the past, but remember the old saying, just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

The following ‘tells’ or signs will help you separate paranoia from the truth that your spouse is cheating on you.

  • They have stopped sharing their life with you both in conversation and actions and they appear distracted or distant when they are around you then this is a big sign that something is wrong in the relationship. Even if they are not cheating, they are definitely vulnerable to doing so.  Pay attention to how they react when you kiss them.  What happens when you look into their eyes?  Do they hold your gaze or do they look away.  When you are sitting together on the couch try leaning in toward them.  Do they lean in toward you or do they back away.  Are they always making excuses to avoid intimacy whether physical or mental?   These are big ‘tells’ that they may be having an affair.
  • They suddenly taking heightened interest in their appearance. This can include suddenly wearing perfume or cologne.  Buying new clothes and getting a new hairstyle.  After all, this is what they did when they first became interested in you.
  • Your spouse’s temperament changes.  One thing a cheating spouse has to deal with is guilt.  In order to mitigate their own feelings of guilt over what they are doing, they often try to justify their action.  Consequently, they may become hyper-critical, blaming and belligerent.  They may start fights and then blame you.  This is all a way for them to create and excuse for their affair.
  • Your spouse work schedule suddenly changes and you start finding strange receipts for things like drinks or meals in your spouses pockets or brief case.
  • Your spouse suddenly develops interests that don’t include you.  This might include things like bowling, the theater, or other types of hobbies.  These are often because they are having an affair with someone who has these interests.
  • Your spouse becomes cagey about their cell phone, tablet computer, or lap-top.  They excuse themselves to take calls or they suddenly start having calls that they claim are wrong number.  They may change the password on their email accounts and they may start guarding their cell phones.  If this is happening get spy software to find out what is going on.
  • Your spouse seems distracted and day dreamy. Assuming that they were not this way when you married them, this could be a sign that they are thinking of their lover.  This is especially true when you ask them what they were thinking of and they become evasive.
  • Your spouse has stopped being intimate with you. Suddenly your spouse has lost interest in flirting, kissing and having sexual relations with you.  This is a huge ‘tell’ unless it is accompanied by other physical symptoms such as listlessness, fatigue, and malaise. In such cases they should be encouraged to see a doctor.

If you are now certain that your spouse is cheating, don’t accuse them at this time. That would only give them room to deny it and accuse you of being paranoid. Instead gather evidence that will prove that they are cheating.

You want to catch them in the act and to do this you may need to hire a lawyer and a private investigator.  If you can’t afford that, then purchase spysoftware to gather evidence from their cell phone, and/or computer.

If Your Spouse Is Cheating Remain Calm

My best advice is to remain calm and act rationally with your best interest in mind.  If you have children, then this is doubly important. Get the most proof you can because the more proof you have the better things will go for you.

When it comes time to confront them make sure you have taken everything from the house that you want and need.  Make sure you have copies of all joint legal documents such a mortgages, loan papers etc.  You don’t want to leave those behind.

Make sure you have a safe place to stay and never assume that your spouse is going to going to react civilly.  This is a big mistake people make all the time.

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Spy Bubble: Is It Legal?

September 26th, 2012

So Spy Bubble is a great cell phone spy app that allows you to spy undetected on another persons phone.  Spy Bubble Pro even lets you use another persons phone as a covert listening device.  You can use Spy Bubble to access all the records on a phone including images and SMS messages.

“…but is Spy Bubble Legal To Use…”

spy bubbleIs Spy Bubble legal to use on someones phone without their knowledge? Everyone knows that wire tapping is illegal so what is the difference if you use old fashioned bugs to eavesdrop on someone or modern software applications like Spy Bubble?

The General Legal Rules About Spy Bubble

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a lawyer and all the information I am writing here does not constitute legal advice.  I just have researched Spy Bubble very thoroughly and am letting you know what I have found out.

Here are the general rules.

  • You should never use Spy Bubble on a cell phone that you do not own.  We are not talking about owning the physical phone itself, but instead the service contract for that phone.  In the case of no-contract phones, as long as you can demonstrate ownership or joint ownership of the device, you are OK.  But if you have no ownership of the device DO NOT put Spy Bubble on it since this could result in legal problems for you, including criminal charges being brought against you.
  • Spy Bubble is legal when used on you minor children’s phones or when you are named on the service contract of that phone.
  • Spy Bubble is legal to use when placed on phones by a company that owns the phones.  So if you supply your employees with cell phone you are clear to put Spy Bubble on them.
  • In most states it is OK to put Spy Bubble on your spouses cell phone if you are legally married; however, I have not checked every states laws.
  • Most of the time you are safe using Spy Bubble to investigate cheating spouses, troublesome employees or to keep track of your children.
  • Private Detectives should never use Spy Bubble.  There have already been cases of private detectives being prosecuted for doing so.  They lost their licenses and some were convicted on criminal charges.

So my advice is to stick with what Spy Bubble was designed for, spouses, kids, and employees.  If you need it to investigate a partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend, make sure you are named on the service contract of their phone.

Sure, you can roll the dice and misuse Spy Bubble, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Top Ten Signs He’s Cheating On You

September 2nd, 2012

Could It Be That He’s Cheating?

he's cheatingSome men cheat. In fact quite a few do when compared with women. Nationally the number of men that cheat while in a committed relationship is 50% to 60%.

Many times women are not even aware that their man is cheating. So what are the top ten signs or he’s cheating on her?


The way he has behaved in the past is a very good indicator of how he will behave in the future no matter what he claims.


When you are dealing with a narcissist, you are dealing with someone who doesn’t really feel that the rules apply to them. Rules are only for other people. Even when he’s cheating on you, he won’t feel bad about it. This makes it harder for you to detect because he will not be giving off the usual emotional signals that normal men would.


Guys who are somewhat sociopathic lack the normal guilt and remorse responses that other men have.

This can allow them to do well in business and appear supremely confident in every situation, but out also allows them to cheat without an ounce of guilt or remorse.

If you are evolved with a man like this and he’s cheating on you, there will be no clues to the cheating in his emotional affect.


It is a good bet that if your man lies about other things in his life on a regular basis, he’ll have no problem cheating on you.

After all, in a sense, he’s cheating on you eveytime he lies.


Apples do not fall far from the tree, so if either one or both of his parents had affairs then chances that he’s cheating on you or going to cheat on you are much higher.


If your man has recently lost his job or hasn’t been hired even though he has applied for numerous jobs, his ego is taking a beating and if your relationship with him has been affected, he is vulnerable to cheating.


If he starts building a separate life from you then it could mean that he’s cheating on you.

This is true even if it is happening under the same roof. Maybe you find that you are spending a lot of time alone even when you are both home. When you watch TV, he’s on the computer. When you go to bed, he stays up late.


A good sign he’s cheating could be that the little thing he use to do to show affection have stopped. No more cuddling. No more playful affectionate behavior.

Maybe he starts going to bed in pajamas when he used to sleep nude. All of these could be sign’s that his affections are going elsewhere.


Maybe he spends more time surfing the net when you are not around, or he has set up a new email account that he hasn’t told you about.

If he is careless, you can check the browser history and see where he has been. If he is careful, you may need to get special software that will secretly log what he is doing on the computer and let you view it.


This could include excusing himself to answer his cell phone every time it rings instead of taken the call with you present.

Maybe he starts carrying his cell phone with him everywhere instead of leaving it on the counter like he used to.

Again, if you can get the phone alone you can look through the logs and contacts. You can also install secret spy apps that will allow you to listen in on his calls and allow you to view all of the contents of the phone.


If you have suspicions that he’s cheating on you, it is really important that you take action. Cheating is dangerous to you on many levels: financially, emotionally, and physically.

While it is true that about 65% of couples that experience infidelity end up staying together, knowing the truth and not being his dupe is important.


  1. Hire A Private Detective
  2. Install Spy Software On His Cell Phone
  3. Install Key Logger Software On His Computer

If you hire a private eye, he or she will get you the proof you need. Make sure you get referrals before you sign a contract with a private eye. The drawback to this option is expense. Be prepared to spend between $1500.00 to $5000.00.

The benefits of this option are that you will have solid evidence you can bring to court if you need to.

Installing spy software on his cell phone is really easy and it will quickly reveal the truth because once it is installed it will do the following:

  1. Allow you to track the phones location in real time via Google maps
  2. Remotely view all contacts listed in the phone.
  3. Listen to all phone conversations taking place on the cell phone.
  4. Remotely viewing all images on the phone.
  5. Remotely controlling the cell phones microphone for covert listening to anything going on around the phone.
  6. Remotely viewing all text messages even if he has deleted them.

Installing spy software on his computer does much the same. You can install this type of software on his tablet computer, laptop computer or desk-top computer.

It will record every keystroke he makes, every website he visits and every email he writes or reads.

So, as you can see, you will soon have the truth using any of these 3 methods alone or in combination. Once you know the truth, you can deal with the problem rationally.

Private Detective Prices

August 24th, 2012

Private Detective Prices: What Is The Truth Worth?

You may have never given private detectives a second thought until lately.  Whether it is a straying spouse, a wayward teen, or a bad employee, these situations can stress you to the point that you might need to hire a private detective in order to find the truth and protect yourself.

So How Much Are Private Detective Prices?

Of course it depends on the area of the country you are in and the amount of servalence you want. Do you want a lot of photos and documented proof? Are you just finding out the truth for your own sake or is there possible legal action in the future.

All of the above factors play into private detective prices . Still, you should be prepared to spend at least $1500.00 for the most basic investigation and don’t be surprised to lay out upwards of $5000.00 for more extensive investigations.

Cheaper Alternatives

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to high private detective prices that range from do-it-yourself surveillance to sophisticated spy equipment.

I do not recommend the do it yourself surveillance method since it takes a good deal of training to do it without getting caught and making things worse, but if you just want to know if someone is screwing around on you, I suppose this method couldn’t make things worse—unless they weren’t screwing around on you and you got caught spying on them.

Sophisticated Spy Equipment Is Still Cheaper Than Private Detective Prices

Private Detective PricesInstead of paying private detective prices you could get spy equipment. Sophisticated spy equipment includes listening devices and mini cams that you you can plant around your house that will let you know exactly what is going on when you are not there.

You can get GPS devices to attach to a persons car to help track them and this makes surveillance much easier. Still all of this comes with considerable risk. This is especially true if you want to remain undetected.

The Best Alternative To High Private Detective Prices

There is an ultra sophisticated spy technique that is guaranteed to get you fast results. It incorporates listening devices, GPS tracking and phone tapping. Taken all together, buying the equipment and installing it properly to do this right would be very tricky and costly, but you don’t have to do all of that.

Turn A Cell Phone Into A Super Spying Device.

When you think about it, a cell phone makes a perfect spy tool if you can tap into all of its features and use them for spying.

What if you could remotely turn on the cell phone’s microphone and use it as a remote listening device? What if you could tap into that cell phone and listen to every conversation that is occurring on it? What if you could see all of the call logs on that phone from any internet ready device with the touch of a button?

How about viewing every picture stored on the phone and accessing all of its text messages—even if they have been erased? What if you could track that cell phones GPS signal and see it displayed on Google maps from any internet connected device?

Would this answer your questions concerning your teen, or your spouse. Would it reveal who you could trust and who you couldn’t among your employees?

Cheaper By Far Than Private Detective Prices

The cool thing is that all of this is true and it is done with a small cell phone application that is totally undetectable by the cell phone user.

Put this kind of app on your spouses phone and they may never be able to figure out how you found out. Best of all this doesn’t set you back $1500.00 Not even a quarter of that.

You can get these apps for under $85.00 and install it in minutes. The data will start flooding into a special website where you can see all.


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Ten Signs She’s Cheating

August 24th, 2012

She’s Cheating On You?

Cheating happens and you hope it won’tsigns she's cheating happen to you, but if you are reading this it means that you may not be sure sh’s not cheating on you.

When you consider that Robert Pattinson was cheated on then it really hits home that the same thing could be happening to you right under your nose and you could be missing all the sign’s she’s cheating on you.

Do you realize that according to a recent servey 30% of the respondents said they would seriously consider cheating if they knew that their boyfriends or husbands would never find out…ye gads!

Finding a perfect relationship only happens in fairy tales and even though you may think that you are the center of her universe that may not be true.  The signs she’s cheating may be happening right under your nose.

So What Are The Signs She’s Cheating?

Before we get into the ten signs she’s cheating let me give you this warning.  These signs do not prove that she is cheating, but taken together they do indicate that there is something wrong with your relationship that needs to be examined.

Your situation is unique and if you find that several of the following signs she’s cheating apply to your situation you may need to do some spy work, seek counseling, or just beak up.

The Ten Signs She’s Cheating On You

Sign Number 10

She pulls away from your friends and family and creates her own circle of friends.  I am not talking about the normal penchant for couples to have their own sets of friends. I am talking about her avoiding your family and friends and spending the time with her circle of friends.

You see, your family and friends make her feel guilty since she’s cheating on them as well.

Sign Number 9

She has started nagging you without end.  It used to be that you had real communication with her, but now it seems every little thing you do sets her off on a rant.  It may seem nothing you do is ever good enough.

All of this could be caused by other factors and you should not rush to judgement, but put together with other signs it could indicate an affair happening or in the making.  This type of nagging can be a person’s way of justifying their affair to themselves.

If you are a no good cad then having the affair may be justified in the eyes of an unfaithful spouse.

Sign Number 8

This is one of the more obvious signs she’s cheating. She suddenly has a mysterious friend that she doesn’t reveal a lot about to you.  She may claim that it is an old high-school friend or someone she knew long ago but she never introduces you to them or reveals much detail about them.

This friend is often used as an excuse for coming home late or not being where she is supposed to be.

Sign Number 7

One sure sign she’s cheating is when she won’t give you a straight answer to simple and fair questions about where she’s been or who she was with.  If she starts repeating the questions back to you after you ask them and becomes evasive it is a sign that she is searching for a way to answer you that won’t give too much away.

Sign Number 6

You drop way down on her priority list.  This sign is especially obvious if the affair is in full bloom.  The day to day things that she used to do for you she no longer does and she begins to disregard things that used to be important to the both of you.

Sign Number 5

She suddenly begins making herself look physically better.  This may include changing her make-up, losing weight, buying new clothes and having a more confident attitude.

This will be especially noticeable if your relationship has been declining for a long period of time.  She has now found someone who she feels really cares about her and it is making her care more about herself and her appearance.

Sign Number 4

She starts becoming independent of you.  Not using “we” in her vocabulary, but instead she uses “I.”  She quits talking to you about plans for the future and in many small ways she lets you know that she doesn’t need you.

She may be wishing you’d just leave or she may be just enjoying her affair and keeping you as a back-up.  Or maybe she enjoys the financial security you provide, but loves the romantic emotions her lover gives her.  In either case, you need to know the truth.

Sign Number 3

Things in the bedroom have gone pretty cold.  You no longer have spontaneity and on the rare occasions when love making happens, it is when she decides it will happen and never in response to your overtures.

She could also appear  bored with you as a lover.  This could be because she has a lover somewhere else that isn’t boring her.

Sign Number 2

She starts being vague about her day to day plans.  She never lets you know where she’ll be or when.  You can never pin her down as to when she may need to work late or just where she’ll be staying on that business trip out of town.

This gives her room to fit her lover into her schedule and reduces the chances that  you’ll find out about it.

Sign Number 1

The biggest one of the sign’s that she’s cheating is the “I don’t care” sign.  This is when she reaches a point of total apathy toward you.  She even stops nagging you and doesn’t care if you wear socks with your sandals anymore.

She doesn’t care if you won’t go to the latest “chick flick” or if you want to stay out with the guys late.  In other words, you have lost all importance to her.

When Checking The Sign’s That She’s Cheating, Keep Jealousy In Check

If you think a woman would never cheat on you, think again.  It does happen even to the best of us.  BUT you need to check you own head also.  If you have felt that nearly every woman you have ever been with has cheated on you, then the problem may be with you.

It may be that the signs she’s cheating are all part of your paranoia.  If this isn’t  the case then you need to get  the truth fast.

Discovering the truth fast and DISCRETELY is the best  way to go.  If you can discover the truth without cluing her onto what you are doing, you may save your relationship with her.  Once she discovers you are  suspicious, things become a lot more complicated and if it turns out that  she wasn’t having an affair, your relationship will be severely damaged.

Read more on this blog about totally discreet ways to get the truth about your partner.


Free Cell Phone Spy Apps? Watch Out!

August 18th, 2012

Free Cell Phone Spy Apps Are Not A Good Idea

free cell phone spy appsCell phone spy apps are cell phone applications that allow parents, employers, or spouses to monitor a target cell phone’s activities. It is a very popular application due to its powerful features and low price.

Cell phone spy apps  popularity have made them a target of software pirates and cyber ne’er-do-well’s who target people searching for free cell phone spy apps.

Free Cell Phone Spy Apps Are Not Legal

You see, companies  that make cell phone spy applications do not offer a free version of their programs. They do not usually offer a free trial either, so anytime you see free cell phone spy apps being offered…run!

It is true that you can find cell phone spy apps on the search engines, but they are either totally bogus or are illegal. In either case, it is not a wise thing to try to download cell phone spy apps without paying for them first.

Why Do They Offer Spy Bubble Free?

There are 3 basic reasons you might see free cell phone spy apps offered and none of them are good. Here they are.

  • To infect your devices with viruses
  • To place spy-ware on your devices
  • To steal data from your devices

It is good to remember that when you are dealing with people who do not respect the property of the software owner’s, they are not likely to have warm feelings about your privacy or the privacy of your data. These people would not think twice about stealing from you either so beware.

The Virus Trap

There are people who just enjoy vandalizing as many computers as they can with their viruses and your computer would make a fine addition to their list. It is a sort of game with them, but they can’t just call you up and say, “Hey, would you mind installing my virus on your computer and let it wreck your operating system.”

Instead, they use software like Spybubble and offer it free. When people see cell phone spy app they bite at the offer. The virus can be attached to the stolen software and it will self-install when you access the software, but more often than not these individuals don’t even bother to actually steal the software. They just name their virus “Free Cell Phone Spy Apps” and when you open the file and discover that it does not contain free cell phone spy apps, the virus is already on your computer doing its damage.

The Spy-ware Trap

The Spy-ware trap is much the same as the virus delivery trap. You click on the file labeled “Free Cell Phone Spy Apps” and spy ware is installed on your computer.

There are companies that pay people for every piece of spy ware they install on other people’s computers. It is know at PPI or pay per install. Using software like Cell Phone Spy Software offered free is a way of installing the spy ware on your computer and getting paid for it without your permission.

The spy ware is usually not malicious or directly harmful to your computer. It purpose is to collect data on how you use your computer so that it can serve you targeted advertising.

At first blush this may seem a positive since you don’t have to view so much advertising that is irrelevant to you; however, so many companies are doing it that once all of this spy ware is on your computer it can significantly slow down your PC.

Watch Out For Thieves

There is a much darker threat to downloading cell phone spy apps and that is found in the very nature of the cell phone spy programs. Since this application is designed to transmit private, sensitive data, using unauthorized, stolen software could end up sending your data to places that you do not intend. This could open you up to identity thieves or have embarrassing information about you broadcast across the internet.


In the final analysis, downloading cell phone spy app is risky at best and dangerous at worst. You already are having enough troubles as it is without adding to them by trying to get the software for free.

It is also ironic that someone would cheat by getting cell phone spy app in order to catch a cheat. Trying to bypass the low fee for a good cell phone spy program can end up getting your computer infested by viruses, spy ware, or having your data stolen or misused in someway.

Paying the low registration fee and downloading a fresh, clean copy of a cell nphone spy porgram will get you the truth fast and help you avoid even more trouble. Make sure that before you download the program you learn about how the program works.

What Is Spybubble Pro Version?

August 10th, 2012

Spybubble Pro Version Has These New Features

Spybubble Pro Version Call Listening

spybubble pro versionI guess the subtitle says it all.  With  the Spybubble standard version you could only listen in on a phone call from a single phone number that you set up ahead of time.  With the Spybubble pro version you can listen to any call made from the target phone anytime of the day or night.

Since you can hear every conversation on the target phone, you will be able to get the truth fast whether it is the truth about a troublesome employee, or a child of yours who may be flirting with trouble, or a spouse that could be endangering you and your family by cheating on you.

All of this happens without the user of the target phone ever knowing it.  Spybubble pro version, like Spybubbble standard, is totally undetectable.

Spybubble Pro Version Environmental Listening

This feature of Spububble proversion wasn’t even in the standard version and it is one of the biggest developments.  In fact, most cell phone spy software with this feature cost several times the amount that Spybubble pro version cost.

Basically, environmental listening allows you to activate the target cell phone’s microphone remotely and then you can use it like a covert listening device.

An example would be knowing that your employee was having lunch with a friend that happens to work for your competitor.  With a simple “flip of the switch” you could listen in on their lunch conversation by activating  the Spybubble pro version environmental listening feature.

You can imagine all of the ways you could use this feature to get the truth you so badly need.

Bottom line, Spybubble Pro Version is a POWERFUL SpyBubble upgrade!

This upgrade is a welcome addition to what is our top cell monitoring recommendation. There’s no other program that With this upgrade, Spybubble pro version is the most powerful cell phone spy software available for under $85

Of course Spybubble still offers the standard version which is the least expensive cell phone spy software in its class. Coming it below $50.  Either version, the standard, or Spybubble pro version will get  you the truth faster and cheaper than any other method from private detectives to expensive spy hardware.

Visit Spybubble Pro Version Now

Anouncement: Spy On A Tablet

July 31st, 2012

Spy On A Tablet: Android or iPad

Spy On A Tablet Computer With Complete Secrecy

This includes GPS tracking, email tracking and access to photos sent to and from the device.  Basically the new Spybubble technology will monitor and report to you all activities conducted on a Tablet computer.

“…and the cool thing is, it is all undetectable by the user.  You can gain peace of mind while Spybubble does the monitoring…”

spy on a tabletMaybe you’re concerned about what your child is viewing on their Kindle, iPad or tablet computer.  Maybe you would like to check to see if your employee is really where they say they are, or perhaps you need to check up on just what your spouse is using their tablet computer for.

If you have the ability to spy on a tablet such as the iPad or an Android powered tablet, then you will be able to accomplish more than most private eyes can do.

As you can see, you’ll get to the truth fast.

Imagine being able to view every URL visited by your target or logging each and every email they have received or sent.  As you can see, you’ll get to the truth fast.

This is what Spybubble can do to help you spy on a tablet computer:

  • Track the exact position of the tablet is it has GPS abilities
  • See all contact information including phone numbers stored in the tablet.
  • You can spy on a tablet to see all of its email information including all of the emails sent and received on the tablet.
  • You can spy on a tablet to see which URL’s have been visited and how often.
  • All photos that are accessed on the tablet computer are logged for your review.

“I love my only son more than anything in the world, so of course I installed SpyBubble on his iPad when he became moody and angry. I was shocked to discover that he had just started to do drugs. I was so glad to discover it and do something before it became an addiction”
— Alice Pauly

Before You Spy On A Tablet, Ask Yourself…

  • Am I ready to discover the truth even if it might lead to a very dark place?
  • If I spy on a tablet will what I discover break my heart?  You need to be prepared for the truth no matter what it is.
  • Has my situation come to the point that spying on a tablet computer and finding the truth is better than continuing the way things are.

If you are ready then click the appropriate link below:

Spy On A Tablet: iPad

Spy On A Tablet: Android

Is There A Spybubble Alternative?

May 27th, 2012

A Spybubble Alternative?

Despite our best efforts we have never been able to locate an open source or free cell phone spy application. The fact is, there are none and even if there were, would you trust a Spybubble alternative app to work correctly and keep all of your sensitive data secure?

Maybe Not a Spybubble Alternative, but a Spybubble Cheaper Alternative.

Spybubble AlternativeThere is a much less expensive alternative to spybubble that uses a Bluetooth connection to read a cell phones contents. It has limited capabilities hen compared with Spybubble because it has to rely on a Bluetooth connection with the phone being spied on. Still, it can get the job doen, but you can only spy on the phone when you are in close proximity to it.

This software from Club009, when in range of the target phone will allow you to…

  • Read SMS messages
  • Read the phones call logs
  • View the phones stored images
  • Listen in on live calls

Even though Club009 Cell Phone Spy Software is not a Spybubble alternative it is a cheap alternative to Spybubble and it does have some advantages and disadvantages hen compared to Spybubble. Here is a short comparison.

Advantages Over Spybubble

  • You do not need to install anything on the target phone
  • Cost only $15
  • All data is transferred from phone to phone via Bluetooth so no third party is involved
  • You can monitor all calls hen you are in Bluetooth range and not just a selected one

Visit Club009 Cell Phone Spy Software here. <—Go!

The Disadvantages With Club009

  • You must bee within Bluetooth range for it to work. This limits you to being within feet of your target phone. Spybubble works at all distances.
  • No ability to track the target phones physical location
  • No third party website to capture data. Yes, I realize I listed this as an advantage also. It just depends on what you want. Having a running log kept in real time is a great advantage to some people Whereas having private data streamed across the Internet to the website is a disadvantage to others.
  • No ability to retrieve SMS messages if they have been erased. With Spybubble it doesn’t matter if the user has erased the message or not, you can still read it.
  • No alerts sent for special phone numbers. With Spybubble you can select a number that you want it to monitor and then it ill alert you via your cell phone when that number is called.

Though is Not A Spybubble alternative Club009’s main advantage is price. Coming in at $15 it is a lot less than the current $49.95 you pay for Spybubble. It second advantage is that it works on any cell phone that has Bluetooth technology, which is virtually all cell phones available today.

Who Should Get This?

Even though we didn’t find a Spybubble alternative, in most cases I still suggest Spybubble, but if you mainly want to find out who your teen is talking to in the next room, or who you wife is messaging out on the front porch, Club009 will work great, but if you are dealing with someone who is hiding wrong doing, you are going to need something more than just a Bluetooth connection or a Spybubble alternative.

See Spybubble’s New Features Now.

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